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Posted By on July 24, 2010

I regularly email customers and friends with something that needs a follow-up from them, but I often forget to check back IF I don’t hear from them. Simple things like setting up a meeting or gettin gan ok on a proof often go unanswered … easy to do. I’ve tried adding it to my calendar followupthennote (which often gets passed over), scribbling it on my hand written to-do lists (which get ignored) and am now giving the very simple to use a try – you might like it too?

It is super easy to use and require only the addition of a CC or BCC “dated” email when contacting someone. There isn’t a registration and currently there isn’t a cost or any bothersome advertising (yet). Here’s how it works:

  1. Write your contact an email as usual and add a “dated” email address like or to the CC or BCC address line. (CC if you want all including yourself to be reminded in xx days/hours and BCC if  only a reminder to yourself.)
  2. Send the email.
  3. At the appropriate time/date, a follow up email will be sent to both or just yourself and a copy of your previous email message will be included.

So far the service has work flawlessly although I’m not sure I would want to include all that much personal or confidential information.



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