Day 6: Offshore to Bermuda’s barrier reef

Posted By on August 22, 2010


Being an atoll, Bermuda is surrounded and protected by an outer barrier reef system which would be more appropriately named a “great barrier reef” since it rings the entire chain of islands. Tsnorkeling_4177The distance to the outer reef varieties from 1 to 9 miles offshore. Today we “sailed” (powered due to light wind) several miles off the western tip to Eastern Blue Cut and had the best snorkeling we’ve have ever experienced. KsnorkelingNo exaggeration! The reef was under very clear water and full of fish, flourishing corals and ideal swimming with little swell or chop. This particular location has only been accessed twice this year by our dive boat due to the normally larger swells, but today light winds and diminutive seas, made conditions absolutely perfect.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an underwater camera and can only brag just how beautiful the colors and conditions were. Unfortunately we had to be back at the ship at 4:30PM so we can set sail for NYC. Depressingly the trip is zipping by.

eastbluecutlight Bsnorkeling

Eastern Blue Cut professional photo
Eastern Blue Cut

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