Solo sailor Donna Lange wakes up on the beach in NC

Posted By on August 29, 2010

A few years ago Donna Lange sailed alone around the world on her small well built Southern Cross 28 sailboat (see PDF Brochure). I enjoyed staying in touch with her and posting on my blog. Brenda and I also enjoyed catching up with her as well last year in Annapolis for a boatshow and get her to sign a copy of her book, Captain D & Wise Mother Ocean. After her circumnavigation, she settled in West Palm Beach and is teaching nursing as well as continuing to speak, write, sing and volunteer with the organization Ocean Watch (see North American link). This summer, after prepping her sailboat Inspired Insanity, she set sail on a 1000 mile 12 day sail from Rhode Island to West Palm Beach – but all did not go as planned. She tells of her trouble off Duck, North Carolina.

[flv:WPBCh5_DonnaLangeBeachedinNC.flv 480 360]

Edit: Photos and video used in this post from Megan Claire D’Andrea and Ian Hilley.


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