The Cincinnati Reds clinch the NL Central

Posted By on September 29, 2010

Thanks to a season long team effort and last night’s ninth inning homerun from Jay Bruce, the Cincinnati Reds clinched a playoff berth for 2010 post season baseball … next goal, nlstandings1009229home field advantage.


The excitement happened late on Tuesday night in a dramatic fashion, when Bruce blasted a walk-off home run for a 3-2 in their game against the Astros. The celebration was great for baseball lovers in Cincinnati (truly a “baseball” town) and long overdue – the last time the Reds won the National League Central was in 1995.

With 5 games to go, the Cincinnati Reds currently sit with an 88 –69 win – lost record. The next few games are crucial in determining who and where they will play … winning continues to be important.

The Phillies have already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, so the playoff team with the worst record will be faced with the unfortunate task of opening the postseason in Philadelphia. If the Braves hold on to their lead in the NL Wild Card race, the Reds could host Atlanta … IF they finish ahead of the NL West champion.


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