Are the bad times behind us yet?

Posted By on December 25, 2010

smileyA glance at the news pages these last couple weeks and one can’t help but feel a little more positive as we close out the Christmas retail shopping season and a challenging 2010. One hopes that the confidence consumers are showing will translate into businesses expanding and hiring in 2011. It’s been a long recession … and painful for many.

Let it be over … and let us all be more responsible and focused on how we handle our personal finances and who we elect to handle our country’s.

DECEMBER 24, 2010, 9:29 P.M. ET

Holiday 2010: The year shoppers came back

Shoppers came back in force for the holidays, right to the end. After two dreary years, Christmas 2010 will go down as the holiday Americans rediscovered how much they like to shop.

People spent more than expected on family and friends and splurged on themselves, too, an ingredient missing for two years. Clothing such as fur vests and beaded sweaters replaced practical items like pots and pans. Even the family dog is getting a little something extra.

“You saw joy back in the holiday season” …

But it sure wasn’t so upbeat two years ago — see image snipped from WSJ December 26, 2008 below.

retail sale plummet


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