A rainy day is a good time to work on “inside” boat projects

Posted By on March 10, 2011


With a front moving through bringing rain all day on Thursday, it was a good day to tackle some non-essential ‘interior’ boat projects. After replacing RayMarineX5_EPIRB_4769the autopilot a month ago and waiting to see if all was good, I finally replaced the ceiling access panels — not as easy of a task as it sounds. I also mounted the new EPIRB after registering with NESDIS. Bit by bit we’re turning our 25 year old boat into a proper and safe yacht.

Speaking of repairs, Taylor and I finally removed the holding tank “cap” fitting … the aluminum had so much corrosion that it would not come off. With the help of my live aboard neighbor, Mark Jones, we finally were able to drill the cap out; I’m hoping to find a replacement at Marine Connection tomorrow since West Marine didn’t have the correct cap this evening.

We spent Wednesday evening with my mother and father in-law down in Delray Beach; Brenda’s mom made us a couple of key lime pies – delish! Taylor joined up with a couple of friends who were staying nearby and even brought them back for pie and to meet his grandparents before heading out for the evening. I busied myself with a couple of small repair projects on the maintenance list at their condo and caught up on the depressing news regarding the state of our nation …  correct that, our world. For once I’m glad I’ve been somewhat incommunicado regarding world affairs, the happenings in Wisconsin and the sliding financial markets.


Taylor relaxing this evening busy with his “social networking.”
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