Vacuum cleaner blues …

Posted By on March 21, 2011


One would think that since the invention of the carpet sweeper in 1860 that companies would have improved the vacuum cleaner enough in 150 years to figure out how NOT to have the beater brush get bound up with hair. Obviously not, since over the past few decades I have still ended up cleaning and replacing the belts and rollers of the four different brands of sweepers we’ve owned: Hoover, a classic Royal, Panasonic and our current Oreck XL (a model I would highly recommend).

This past week I brought my daughter’s Oreck home after she mentioned it was smelling like rubber. Knowing it was probably the belt wearing due to the brush picking up hair from an apartment with three girls, I expected a simple cleaning. Wow … a lot more binding of the bearing than I expected. Thankfully an ebay seller had a new roller and a couple of belts for under $15.


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