Congratulations Dr. Katelyn Corbett, MD – You are a physician!

Posted By on May 22, 2011

drkatelyn_dad_4999The day arrived and disappeared in an instant … with a wonderful ceremony, I might add!

On Saturday, May 21st my daughter Katelyn officially became Dr. Katelyn Corbett, M.D. She was presented the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the commencement ceremony from NEOUCOM (now NEOMED – Northeast Ohio Medical University). We had a perfect day with family and friends … and celebrated the well deserved hooding ceremony, diploma and commencement addresses; all the pomp and circumstance expected at a traditional graduation ceremony.

The graduating class of 124 received their Doctor of Medicine degrees and they were all impressive — none more than my little girl. Yes … I’m a proud dad (as was her mom, brother and first year resident Dr. Drew Oostra).

drkatelyn_mom__4997 drkatelyn_taylor_4996 drs_drewkatelyn110521

[flv:DrKatelynCorbettGrad110521.flv 480 355]


Actually the entire family was proud to celebrate the occasion! It was especially nice to have both sets of grandparents able to come to graduation … a challenge as they get up in age. We were also joined by my brother Ron and his wife Claire (below left) and one of Brenda’s sisters, Ann, from Atlanta. We were also honored to have Barb and Randy Oostra (below right), and since EJ Thomas Hall at the University of Akron is a large enough venue, we could accommodate all who wanted to attend.

claireroncorbett110521 barbrandyoostra110521 

Since this is a personal blog, I’ll mention that few — very few — milestones in life are as bittersweet as a graduation. Life moves along, close friends move apart and responsibilities grow. I can tell already that the same will soon be noticed and the reality of growing up will be setting in for Katelyn and her close friends. One of her friends, now Dr. Chad Henson (below left), gave the student address; it was well delivered. Most, if not all, have achieved a degree of maturity that is beyond most of my acquaintances … as you can tell from the photo of the three close friends we just took sailing last week –  Dr. Ashley, Dr. Laura and Dr. Katelyn (below right).

drschadkatelyn_5022 ashleylaurakatelyn_5016

Thankfully the girls … women … DOCTORS … can take a normal picture too! Smile

Ashley, Laura and Katelyn

All would not be complete without a couple presents and a bunch of cards (below left) … oh and a great photo of my Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa Corbett) with Katelyn (below right).

KsGradPresent2011 dr_katelyn_ggc110521

As much as I “think” I’m the number one guy in my daughter’s life, I’m running into some stiff competition … Dr. Drew Oostra (great support for Katelyn … and all around great guy).


EDIT: Adding link to audio modified YouTube video.

Adding a little slideshow …


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