Paul Newman owned 1963 300HP V8 Volkswagen Beetle

| May 20, 2011

If you a a Volkswagen Beetle lover, this bug’s for you … for a mere $250,000 from what I hear. As the legend is told… back in 1963 Paul Newman bought a VW…the little red Convertible seen in this late 60’s VW ad. Not so long after this advertisement came out…the car was taken to […]

Checking your engine oil with Lubricheck … hopefully

| May 20, 2011

I’m posting Kickstarter link for a device designed to check the quality of engine oil. It is called Lubricheck and I’m hoping that someone reading this with engineering thoughts on how realistically accurate the device might be? I’m a mileage oriented oil changer, but with the price of synthetic oil, diesel oils and just plain […]

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  1. lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful: desultory conversation.
  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.
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