RHM Camp Day #2 Wednesday 6-15-11

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Adding another update from Chris for my family regarding RHM in Constanta Romania.


Dear all friends and family and supporters,

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Misu welcomes ALL!  Wednesday started with another incredible worship and Jessica and Lucianna song time.  Almost all the parents returned and all the kids were back along with helpers, siblings and cousins.  We bring enough crafts for all of them.


Laura and Marius (w/c), Liviu(lt), Dr. Gabi, Kim Slade and Viorica, a helper from Livius church.

We found out today that Nicu wants to be baptised and we may all be here to see it happen on Sunday……..sorry honey, I know this will kill you to miss it but I will video if I don’t break another camera….OOOoopps!  We find out tomorrow if Liviu is able to arrange it…..Nicu (picture below) is Angela’s son who can hardly speak, has difficulty with all his extremities and walking and fine motor skills but always has a sweet smile on his face and is one of the sweetest boys you could ever know, only rivaled by Vasilica.  When he is asked who he is trusting for his salvation, points to the sky and says, "Jesis".  Angela, who we have spoken about in the past is one of our foundation parents who is in great distress and poverty but has trusted Christ and on our visit to Romania LAST year, pointed to the verse in her Romanian Bible in Psalms where it says, "Blessed are those who help the poor"……she smiles through her pain because of Christ.

A very special moment for me today was when Jessica, my niece, (sister and brother in law Ann and Gary Gerber in Atlanta) choreographed her own ballet dance to "You are my All in All"……….I will attach it if I can but when we went to visit Angela and Nicu today, Angela said that was the first time she had seen a ‘ballet’……I could barely film it for the tears in my eyes…..It was amazing to see my 15 y.o. niece so confident, talented yet so willing to serve and use the gifts God has given her in ROMANIA with ME!  It was a bit overwhelming.

Liviu, our social worker, did the teaching today, or I should say ‘preaching’…we could not understand him but were drawn as were the rest,  to his passion, enthusiasm, conviction and love for Christ.   We are lucky to have him ……and his very being emanates with humility and his passion for Christ…….I don’t know to many people who actually live to serve God…….he is one! The theme was a great one today, The Cross and Salvation……..the simple gospel was presented clearly to some who have received, others who still reject, and many who can’t resist the love and faith they see.


Lt to Rt…..Carmen, Dr Gabi, Kim Slade, Angela in back rt.

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Above, Dr. Gabi in back with Angela and Kim Slade, Front is Carmen, Christina’s mom and another caregiver.  Lt. photo is Christina and Katelyn in the back.  Rt. is Angela and Nicu.  They are both holding up their Superstar Posters.

Tomorrow is our last day of camp but luckily not our last day with the kids and families…..that will be Saturday at the big family picnic…..I will write more tomorrow…….hopefully we will have more home visits tomorrow…….We were to visit Lucianna today but her mother works ALL DAY and Lucianna is alone for hours except for the time she spends at the Madison Center, luckily…..but today, her mom, Elena called and was not available for the visit..  Life is hard for her and in order to make it she must work several jobs.  Perhaps we can visit tomorrow.

Our rather elegant ‘Ball Room’ setting for camp is quite the change from all past experiences…..it really gives us room to spread out, the acoustics are great for our lively music and worship and if you have a voice like mine, you don’t even need a mic.  Tomorrow I hope to join the entire group, all parents too, in the closing ‘snake’ to EVERLASTING God!  Although we can be miles apart for most of the year and an entire language apart when we are here…….there is a very special bond and unspoken yet spoken connection that you have to be here to explain and experience.  We are the privileged ones and always receive more than we give.

Until tomorrow……Chris for Team 2011


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