And you think commercial airlines have tight seating …

Posted By on July 6, 2011


Calling this airplane an ‘ultralight‘ might be an understatement. At 200 pounds Hugues Duval’s airplane, with twin props and two electric motors, is small – but it is also record breaking fast (for 100% electric). At the Paris Airshow, Duval’s airplane has broken the record for an all electric aircraft by 15 miles per hour — 175 mph sustained flight. The petit ‘single seat’ French aircraft has a 16 foot wingspan and two 35-horsepower electric motors and a pair of 1.5-kWh batteries which is capable of keeping it in the air for only about a half hour at a relatively slow cruise setting … 65 mile per hour. (video below)

[flv:tinyairplane.flv 490 276]


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