Glenn Beck airs his final cable broadcast – starts

Posted By on July 1, 2011

The controversial Glenn Beck finished his two and a half years on a successful hour long TV program yesterday to the disappointment of many loyal viewers. Love him or hate him, he has made an impact in about every venue he gets involved in. Radio, cable TV books, Internet, live events and just teaching history … all seem to attract interest. Only time will tell if his new venture, will succeed … see what he is up to below (52 minute video below).


Millions of viewers have enjoyed watching Glenn Beck take on liberals, progressives and even radical leftists for the last two and a half years at 5pm on cable news. From the corruption at ACORN to the Czars to Van Jones, Glenn exposed the left’s agenda and routinely flustered the White House in the process. But while Glenn may be counting down his final shows this week – he is also counting down to the beginning of something bigger and better: GBTV.



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