I do wish Governor Mitch Daniels was running for President

Posted By on July 13, 2011

govmitchdanielsAlthough Indiana’s Gov. Mitch Daniels is not running in the the primaries against other GOP candidates, I certainly hope that whoever is nominated looks to Daniels for advice and executive experience. With an economy stifled by excessive bureaucracy and adversarial to business, we need someone with his experience when it comes to putting America back on the right path. I’ve included a clip from a July 12, 2011 CNBC interview below. He was asked what other governors can as they continue to “swim upstream” in our deeply politically split country.

Joe: I’ll tell you what I see that you did in Indiana that’s bearing all this fruit now and you have a great approval rating but tough sledding at the beginning. I’m trying to draw those same parallels to what we’ve seen with Scott Walker or John Kasich or Rick Scott as they try to do the same thing, but I’m not sure we can say they will rebound. Are we in a different climate? Can they relax and having done the right things and that eventually joblessness will come down and businesses will come and they will stay to recover or do you have a totally different situation in Indiana?

Daniels: Because they are doing the right things they should relax. That’s all that matters. Approval ratings don’t matter. I can’t tell them joblessness will come down despite them doing the right things because we have a national policy that as anti-job than anything you can design. We’re all swimming upstream against very counter productive national decisions.

Joe: That doesn’t make any sense. The president wants to get re-elected. Does he not understand these policies are anti jobs or does have a bigger agenda longer term social agenda?

Daniels: I think the latter statement is probably true. Maybe he doesn’t understand where jobs come from or that his policies are incredibly destructive, piling on barriers, tax, regulations and threats of more. That’s what this administration has been doing since the minute they got there. I mean, look at the depth of this this recession, all of the historical evidence says we should have had a very sharp snap back from a drop that deep … and instead it’s the most pathetic recovery we’ve seen.


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