Sweating the summer heat, financial markets & debt ceiling vote

Posted By on July 28, 2011

In the Midwest we’re still sweating from the 90+ degree heat (12 days in a row for Cincinnati), although I’m getting use to it. We’re also sweating the debt ceiling and cost cutting measures being proposed in Washington DC by politicians. Like most of America, I watch the haggling and posturing between the extremes on both sides and those in the middle trying to come up with a compromise. In the meantime, job growth stalls due to very few wanting to invest in such an environment marketdown110728,jpg– at one time I thought “jobs” were the priority? Obviously neither side is suffering enough to work on the economy?

Job growth isn’t the only casualty from the stalemate and game of chicken being played in Washington … the financial markets are struggling for direction too even though corporate earning are turning positive. Companies are learning to manage their businesses with less as they lean down – a lesson for our federal government perhaps?

Saw this “Path to a Deal” this morning in the WSJ as we inch closer to “something.” (click for larger or link to story)



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