Continuing to enjoy the slow rebuilt of the MBG

Posted By on October 2, 2011


Friday night and Saturday morning gave me a few more hours to disassemble the MBG engine once again, although this time I also removed the head. As noted previously, the #2 intake valve was sticking in an open position taking compression to zero. Under further inspection, I can see that it doesn’t seat correctly … who knows if it has anything to do with it being designed for leaded gasoline and running most of the miles on unleaded fuel? I suspect that may have something to do with it.


I called a friend, Jack Cook who owns a small machine shop, in hopes that he would be able to machine the head and seat the valves next week … thankfully he met me over at the shop and suggested we install a couple hardened valve seats in the exhaust ports too. Sounds like a plan.


While I’m at it, I’m going to have him re-tap a couple emission ports so I can install proper plugs rather than the pinched off lines (eliminated them when I installed the new Weber downdraft in place of the Zenith carburetor).

mgb_head111001 mgb_cylinderleaktest111001

One of my debates now is whether to pull the pistons and install new rings? I’m doing a leak test with some diesel fuel to see just how long before the fuel drains into the oil pan … it held for about an hour or so, but eventually all but number one cylinder “leaked” all of the fuel. Hmm …I do wish this car had the potential for value since I’m putting a few too many hours into it (mostly pleasure), not to mention dollars.


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