The Sprint iPhone – tempted no more

Posted By on October 26, 2011

sprint-iphone4s1Had an interesting conversation with one of my clients who handed me his new Sprint based iPhone 4s today … and he doesn’t like it. That’s a rarity for those who love all things Apple. To be fair, his gripe has more to do with the Sprint 3G service problems being reported than the iPhone itself, although it could be a hardware problem I suppose?

Still I did get a chance to play with his phone for a couple minutes and found that I am no longer itching to upgrade from my Palm Pre. Truth be told, the three big drawbacks below outweighed the benefits. (being a smooth Apple iOS 5, great camera, available apps and iCloud)

  1. The connections are no faster than my Palm Pre 3G on Sprint — no 4G connections. (although might as well wait for the new LTE 4G in 2012)
  2. Virtual keyboard is still not easy for me to “thumb” … it’s not a Treo, Pre or Blackberry with their portrait oriented physical keys.
  3. Display size is small compared to what Android models are offering. With aging eyes and less scrolling, I think I’d rather have a bigger screen. Again, open a virtual keyboard and 1/3 of the display disappears.


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