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Posted By on November 25, 2011

glympseimageMy daughter tested the Glympse app on her Android phone on her way home to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving this past week. She sent the link to my phone and shockingly I was able to open the moving map based web page perfectly on my aging Palm Pre smartphone. As her progress closed in on home, I decided to record a short video which illustrates the accuracy of  the realtime updates and travel speed. 

Although the video shot with a handheld Kodak Playsport Zx5 in “macro focus mode” is less than stellar, it demonstrates how well Glympse works.

[flv:glympse_k_tday111124.flv 480 275]

If you watch the “silent” clip to the end, you’ll see Katelyn’s VW Jetta TDI drive around the neighborhood and up our driveways as the arrow on the map updates a few seconds behind.


Speaking of real time locating and tracking, check out the Wolfram Alpha search and locating airliners and “flights overhead” – hmm, I’m not sure why I really need to know this??? (be sure to click on flight link for more information than most of us need to know)



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