David Walker is as poignant as anyone

Posted By on January 23, 2012

davidwalker2011David Walker is an idea man that speaks as clearly as any in stating our country’s issues and would be a great advisor to any administration lucky enough to add him. His ideas, that “I believe” the majority will agree on, could be a reasonable approach for most of America who elect moderate Democrats or reasonable Republicans. We’ve gone off the fiscal path over the past 10 years (if not more) and need leaders willing to address problems head on. Mr. Walker’s interview on CNBC’s Squawkbox this morning was excellent.

Walker: “…frankly i get tired of people trying to put one class against another. Why don’t we go back to the values under which the country was founded that it should apply to everybody.

  • Limited but effective government.
  • Individual liberty and opportunity.
  • Personal responsibility and accountability.
  • Rule of law and equal justice under the law.
  • Fiscal responsibility and intergenerational equity.

The truth is we’re violating all five of those to differing degrees and we need the president, the current president as well as whoever the next president will be, whether he gets reelected or Romney or somebody else gets elected to tell us the truth and to talk to us about the tough choices that are going to be necessary in order to restore fiscal sanity.”

David WalkerCNBC Squawkbox on January 23, 2011

CNBC video below … and my previous comments about his bookComback America.”


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