Interesting site that compares camera size

Posted By on January 28, 2012

Perhaps my favorite site for comparing cameras and reading reviews is, but it is not the same as trying or spending a few hours with different models in person. Most of us amateurs don’t really have that luxury or even the time. DSLR users rarely switch systems and may not have a full appreciation for different models besides browsing online or in a physical camera store. Even then, it isn’t that easy to compare models, their controls and determine how it feels in the hand or to the eye (most kept behind glass anyway).


But all of that aside, here is a virtual way to start the “sizing” process if you want to know what a new camera might be like … size-wise. If you are like me after a day of toting your DSLR, an extra lens or two and a camera bag, you might be a little envious of those carrying just a high quality point and shoot WITH video … and have considered something smaller once in a while.  If you are in the market for a new camera or just curious as to the size of some of the newer models, check out


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