Mitt Romney is one step closer to challenging President Obama

Posted By on January 11, 2012

Governor Mitt Romney soundly defeated Republican challengers in New Hampshire last night and most talking heads have noted desperation from a couple GOP candidates. Both Gingrich and Perry have taken what I would call “cheap shots” at Romney’s “real world” business experience at Bain Capital as well as U.S. based capitalism — a core Republican believe in keeping business competitive, efficient and profitable. The next nearest vote getter, Ron Paul, would be better running as a pure Libertarian than trying to fit into the mainstream Republican nh_gopprimary12110party, but may keep the GOP’s focus on shrinking government and cognizant about trampling individual liberty (something neither the Democrats or Republicans have been good at in recent years).

The momentum gain in New Hampshire will be needed in the next primary of South Carolina where they will weigh social values a little heavier than in the previous primary. Some have suggested that if Romney continues to deflect the negative attacks that he will have nearly clinched the nomination by Florida.

I heard a little audio on SirusXM’s CNBC Q & A stream this morning that highlighted the difference between the 3 years of Obama and his administration’s political philosophy and what one under a President Romney might be like.

Mitt Romney on CNBC’s Squawkbox – Jan. 11, 2012


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