Tech Friday: Look up unicodes with

Posted By on January 20, 2012

logo256x256_copyI saw the Shapecatcher link highlighted on one of the technology media sites and thought it might make for a good a Tech Friday post. Yes, it has been a while since Friday has seen a technology related idea … so here’s any easy way to find the correct Unicode hexidecimal equivalent for a particular character. It might be used for foreign language characters and symbols or frequently used characters we all type.

How To: 

Start by navigating to the website, then use you mouse (I haven’t tried a phone or tablet?) to draw the character that you are looking for. Tap the “recognize” link and the database looks up several close symbols for your scribble. I’ve tried it successfully with accented foreign letters and the trademark symbol below. By drawing a TM and the Unicode hexidecimal: 0x2122 is found to be the closest match.



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