Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted By on February 14, 2012

Once again we are faced with the dreaded Saint Valentine’s Day … well “dreaded” for those of us men who fall short in the thoughtfulness category, poptartsor end up buying the cheesy and over-marketed box of chocolates, flowers or — gulp — jewelry. Thankfully I have a wife who isn’t all that difficult to please and really never “acts” like she expects anything (I like that). So this year it was a silly card with a couple cute photos with notes and a box top for one of her favorites snacks … Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts. She was happy and appreciated the card and thought … and I was happy to have survived another Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a blog post from a female perspective that I thought it was fitting …

Valentine’s Day is barely on my radar these days. I hate to think my husband feels obligated to buy me chocolate (I love it, but don’t need it – and in fact, should stay away from it); send me flowers (I have a lovely garden that he provided); take me to dinner (he’s a fantastic cook); or give me diamonds (I’d rather go away for the weekend with him).

He shows me his love in myriad ways that are more expressive than being suckered into meaningless gifts.

Want to know the nicest thing he ever got me?

A 99-cent shaker of cinnamon and sugar because he noticed I ate cinnamon toast on cold mornings, and I was always making a mess trying to get the sugar/cinnamon ratio right. I know. This man has bought me houses, new cars, dream vacations, and diamonds, and the gift I loved most of all was a little bit of spice.


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