Movie Trailer: One Simple Question – Quest to Find an Iceberg

Posted By on April 22, 2012

I’ve been following Ben Erikson’s sailing, great photos and videos since he was sailing his NorSea548_synopsisa boat like we once owned. Over the years he has used his talents to share information on a couple blogs while he reconditioned his sailboats (plural)the most recent his BCC Elizabeth. Eventually he met up with another NorSea singlehanded sailor, Teresa Carey, and they decided to sailed separate but together up and down the east coast and to the Bahamas. Eventually it was easy to tell they were becoming a couple and they ended up making a movie together aboard one boat. (One Simple Question – Quest to Find an Iceberg)


Although Brenda and I were far too conventional for this kind of adventure, I’ve regularly daydreamed about the liveaboard cruising life and admire Teresa and Ben for doing it. Ben, alsa Volkswagen TDI guy, happened to check in with me by email the other day and it triggered my thoughts to embed the trailer to their movie. (below)


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