Spring clean up leads to a bigger front porch project

Posted By on April 21, 2012


I was planning to tackle our decaying concrete front porch myself, but after purchasing the thin pavers and contemplating the preparation masonry work, I opted instead to hire a skilled mason to at least repair the brick trim. Of course after getting into it I’m finding badly rusting iron railings and more than just weakened brick trim. Currently it might just be enough work to de-rust, repaint and re-attach the railing and leave the brick, concrete and pavers to the professions?

frtporchproject_pillar120419 frtporchproject_brick120419

It looks like this minor project is becoming major fairly quick; I might end up rebuilding the entire front porch at this rate!

EDIT: Adding a video on 4/23/2012 after a little more progress. (really just testing the embed but having problems compressing and keeping audio???)


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