Off to Columbus to settle mom into the hospital

Posted By on May 10, 2012

osumed_mom120508Posting a personal update today as we are dealing with doctoring issues for my mom. She has been suffering with a lot of pain and various testing  for several … way too many … months. On Monday, the OSU neurosurgeons reviewed my mom’s case,  consulted each other over last weeks CT scans of her spine and grew concerned over a  possible spinal infection – Osteomylitus (causing or adding to the deterioration of her vertebrae). They wanted her immediately admitted to the OSU Wexler Medical Center in Columbus … so I picked them up and  settled them Tuesday night before my Wednesday flight. Mom is anxious, but she was glad for the private room which permits my dad to stay with her. Today was the biopsy of the tissue and bone … now we wait for the results and recommendations.

It is difficult to see my mom in so much pain and also see how challenging it is for my dad to care for her.


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