Meniere’s Warrior blog and van Gogh’s Starry Night

Posted By on June 13, 2012

Although I’ve been pretty successful in dealing with Meniere’s since my surgery in 2001 (same surgery as Astronaut Alan Shepard), I regularly check back in with a few forum, blogs and websites where sufferers post their thoughts, concerns and suggestions. Last year I had to deal with the symptoms once again, hopefully just due to my lax attention to diet and stress? Who knows, but thankfully I’ve been fine ever since a tympanic steroid injection at the Cleveland Clinic in September 2011.

I did run across Amanda’s Meniere’s Warrior blog, a younger sufferer, who has just started her pages. For those struggling, her posts might be cathartic … I also enjoyed one of her recent posts commenting on Vincent van Gogh.


One theory about Vincent van Gogh is that he had Meniere’s Disease. When he cut his ear off, many believed him to be crazy, schizophrenic, or depressed. However, based on my experience with Meniere’s Disease, the depression and anxiety that accompanies Meniere’s attacks, I can understand why he cut his ear off in hopes to rid himself of the horrible symptoms accompanied with these attacks. Also, the way this painting is presented, along with many other works from Vincent van Gogh, I think Meniere’s Disease is a viable theory.


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