MRI day at the Cleveland Clinic and TWO doctor visits

Posted By on September 21, 2011

I’m traveling in Ohio this week with a “pleasure stop” for pictures  at the Cleveland Clinic [sarcasm] —  MRI of my malfunctioning shunt (btw, all was normal in my noggin’). The imaging was precautionary after my July tympanic steroid injection – all was a follow up due to my decade old Endolymphatic decompression and shunt surgery. For those curious, the somewhat unique surgery and steroid injections are treatments for Ménière’s disease (both are treatments for those unable to solve the vertigo attacks through diet and medication).

akronohiofromnorth110921 nakron110921
Driving into Akron Ohio from the north (left) and North Akron (rt) – click for larger images

The trip was not a waste since I also slipped in a couple customer calls while in northeast Ohio … AND I’m also visiting a second doctor which only costs me dinner purely pleasure: Dr. Katelyn.

EDIT: Image from MRI CD added.



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