Boat shoe inserts/insoles-something doesn’t smell right

Posted By on August 21, 2012

boatshoeinsert120817Lame subject line … I know, but one of the issues for those of us who regularly wear boat shoes is that the insides wear out (or just smell bad) before the leather shoe gives out. Thankfully the older I get, the longer my shoes last … probably because my pedes don’t sweat as they did when I was a teenager?

Still I would like to find quality insoles to replace the removable inserts that are now in several of my aging Sperry Topsiders or an evolution of them. Sperry is  “thee” name in consistent quality boating shoes year after year, but they unfortunately do not make it easy to “self renew” a pair of their shoes. Sure I can go out an buy Dr. Scholls shoe inserts or pick from several of the other brands of foam, rubber or gel pads, but I’d like the original stitched insert of old or would settle for the recent (last decade) Wave Comfort System insoles. The ones in my shoes have degraded and the fabric separates from the cushion … to the point that repeated gluing won’t keep the “liner” in place. It would be so much easier to just buy a couple of the pre-lined foam inserts. I have tried a web search and called Sperry, but for now I’m coming up empty. Can anyone point me in the right direction or am I being too picky?


While on the topic of sailing and sailboats, I’d like to plug one of the best written and edited sailing blogs – check out Windtraveler. Congratulations Scott and Brittany on your baby girl Isla AND on your new home … another sailboat of course, but a bit larger in order to support their “future deck swab” (their term, not mine). Keep me updated.

EDIT: Giving the SofSole product a try and will report back (LINK). So far, they are excellent, although I’ve heard the insole has been changed for 2013?

EDIT 2: Follow up post about a year later LINK


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