Great comment from WSJ’s Kim Strassel this weekend

Posted By on August 20, 2012

kimstrasselOur Tivo records the 30 minute weekend broadcast of the Journal Editorial Report (JER) and I enjoyed hearing from the team that manages the Wall Street Journal’s editorial content. bloombergnycmayorGenerally the week’s review is a rehash, but the conservative oriented look at what was in the news is something I look forward to each weekend

Kim Strassel is a long time WSJ Editorial Board member who’s comentary that both Brenda and I enjoy … opined on NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s recent concern over bottle vs breast feeding. She commented that if he is really concerned with the health of NYC babies, perhaps he should encourage they move out of the city.

  WSJ Journal Editorial Report (mp3) — Kimberley Strassel

After receiving a little heat for targeting NYC restaurant serving large soft drinks, he is now going after new mothers questioning their decision to bottle feed formula. Hmm, really Mayor, don’t you think this should be left to parents and their doctor? Are you really that bored running the City of New York that you need to micro-manage moms and their newborns?


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