Millions in the northeast U.S. await Sandy

Posted By on October 29, 2012


Hurricane Sandy is still hours away from coming ashore in the northeastern U.S. but the winds, waves, rains and surge are already making an impact. Officials and residents are taking no chances and predictions are triggering evacuation orders for hundreds of thousands of residents, the cancellation of more than 7,700 airline flights. Schools and mast transit systems are closing as heavy rains and flooding are expected. 

The storm has already begun disrupting businesses in the northeast and many companies planning to close Monday. Even "the New York Stock Exchange said it would close its Lower Manhattan trading floor, although shares of NYSE-listed companies would continue to trade on an electronic platform.

The National Weather Service said Sandy's hurricane-force winds, which extended 175 miles out from its center Sunday, could bring power outages for millions of residents. Temperatures could drop below 30 degrees in coming days across the eastern U.S., bringing further misery to those without power. West Virginia, Kentucky and other states could get up to three feet of snow in mountain areas."


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