Sailing across the Atlantic and Snoopy lost at sea, sort of …

Posted By on November 29, 2012

robinlovelock_sailingsnoopySo much for the model robot boat “Snoopy Sloop” and the planned unmanned crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. Whoops!
The technology packed and lake tested 4 foot sailboat set sail from England on November 27th and intended a six month voyage to the Bahamas, but unfortunately the little boat encountered “strong tides” … something neither Snoopy or his designer Robin Lovelock calculated.

“…a strong tide pulled him into Alum Bay, Isle of Wight. He last reported on the rocks at 1939 (7:39pm) in Alum Bay. He then stopped reporting – water in electronics ? Snoopy may have sailed over 5000 miles on Bray Lake this year, in winds over 50mph, but strong tides and hard rocks are something else!”

Spot mapping (above) details the possible “shipwreck”…

There was a little fanfare and some BBC reporting along with a launch video – also a promotional video detailing the testing below.


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