BMW looks to bring a few more diesel to the U.S. in 2013

Posted By on November 7, 2012

vwvortex_bmwdiesel2013sWe’re talking rumors here, but it did come from a slide at a source attending a BMW North America meeting. If you want to see those performance oriented and highly efficient diesel coming to North America, this is good news.

  • 3 Series sedan diesel – first half 2013
  • 3 Series Sport Wagon – second half 2013
  • 5 Series diesel – third quarter 2013
  • X5d diesel – end of 2013
  • 7 Series diesel – first half
  • X3d diesel – first half 2014

BMW announced over the summer that the US would see  new turbo diesel engines (a 180HP 4-Cyl & 255HP 6-Cyl)


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