The Ram Mount for the iPad has a weak point

Posted By on November 20, 2012

brokenrammount121120My Ram Mount iPad car mount has a weak point and I am wondering if I’m alone or if this is a design problem? From what I can tell, the weak point is where the latch makes a 90-degree turn (see photo). Initially it was very tight to snap the roller-latch mechanism to hold the iPad in place, but it has recently become very week.

On closer inspection, there is a noticeable crack appearing and this has me thinking that it might be poor design? Hopefully it is only a defect in a batch of material or has something to do with the colder weather?

I’ve called Ram Mount’s customer service and they asked if I could send a photo for evaluation. 

I’ll update on how they stand behind their product.

The above is a photo from a previous post earlier in the year.


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