Photos: Our illusive Red-tailed Hawk and modified car parts

Posted By on November 21, 2012

OldCarParts_5566There was a large truck and trailer sitting in front of our house at the crack of dawn this morning and curiosity got the best of me so I went outside to investigate. Brenda mentioned that I might want to get the license plate number considering this is the Thanksgiving holiday week and neighbors might be away?

I was thinking ruts in the yard or damage to the light pole or mailbox (a problem we have with delivery trucks negotiating the tight turns) and remembered the FedEx situation a couple years ago. I’m still aggrevated that they never took care of the damage.  Not to worry though, as it was a delivery … furniture or car parts, well sort of both.

OldCarParts_5573 OldCarParts_5571

Since I had the camera with a long lens out, I “once again” tried to get a photo of our resident Red-tailed Hawk who stops daily. It is incredible how their eye sight and instincts has them in flight at even the hint of someone trying to get close. Even through the back window he either sees or senses that I’m trying to take his photo.


Here’s a link and photo from a few years ago … LINK. If I’m going to take “bird” photos, I’ll need a better plan!


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