A wonderful bridal shower this weekend for my daughter

Posted By on December 16, 2012

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I’ve been spending most of my time by my mother’s bedside (previous post), but wanted to share a little cheer as well. My daughter Katelyn had a wonderful bridal shower hosted by the friends of her future mother-in-law (Barb Oostra) in Toledo on Saturday. They enjoyed brunch and presents at the Inverness Club and the single word response from Katelyn when she called me me was: “amazing.”  When I told Brenda, she asked … “what does that mean?” — I think it means Katelyn was very happy!

On my wife’s return to Cincinnati, she stopped to see my mom and detailed the entire affair down to the “sparkling shoes” Katelyn was wearing and a relayed message from  my cousin Diane who is very close with my mom (thanks for representing our side of the family in Toledo). I know my mom would have been pleased – just wish she could have been there.
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Also … I wanted to thank my fellow “outlaw” Lynda for driving to the shower from New York … we very much appreciated the long trip and that she made it a priority to be there. Thank you Lynda.

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Katelyn and Diane Mears   |   Lynda Howard and Katelyn


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