VW TDI owners: Be sure to regularly clean your snowscreen

Posted By on December 31, 2012

KsSnowscreenNeedsCleaning12One of the pleasures of life is tinkering with my favorite little diesel car … the Volkswagen TDI. My daughter’s Jetta TDI is “parked” in our driveway this weekend while she is in Iowa meeting her fiancé’s family — parked, cough, cough. With Sunday off, I was able to doing a little “needed” maintenance on it … and “needed” being the correct word – just take a look what the snowscreen picked up this last year (photo left). Oh, and the maintenance did require a test drive.

Katelyn’s 2001 VW Jetta TDI is starting to show a little rust around the fenders due to spending 8 years in NE Ohio, but is still running with the same comfortable diesel clatter. I can’t help but question why I’m still driving a “gasser?” Maybe I should make a 2013 New Year resolution to have another on in my garage?

Speaking of Iowa … here’s a windmill phonebooth photo of Katelyn and Drew from the Dutch enclave that is Sioux Center Iowa.


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