Making a rare New Year’s resolution

Posted By on January 1, 2013

I’ve never been much for resolution making and am a bit lax in goal setting overall … or at least I’ve never made it a focus to accomplish projects in timely fashion (Sonex, MGB, sailing) … but after talking with my son and CinciTDI friend about New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided 2013 would be the year of a new diesel (you probably thought I’d finish a few projects?) Now I’m not putting feet to the fire, but I would like to be driving a TDI again.


The ideal vehicle would be an all-wheel drive VW Sportwagen TDI crossover (maybe the VW Cross Coupe concept – photo above), but I wouldn’t mind a Passat TDI or even a Touareg TDI either. Obvious the latter would mean giving up 40-50 mpg driving, but I’ve grown accustom to the SUV seating position, ground clearance, trailer towing and winter weather 4 wheel drive.

The Mercedes, BMW, Audi and new Jeep diesel isn’t out to the question either, but I do find it hard to stomach paying as much for a new car as our first house. Maybe a good deal can be found on one a few years old?

Of course my entire “diesel car buying resolution” for 2013 will hinge on a rebounding U.S. economy and our elected Washington DC idiots figuring out how to stop spending more than they take in and how to start dealing with the mounting debt and deficit. Unless they create an environment to foster confidence and business growth, we may spend the next four years (if not more) in a sinking quagmire — in that case, its time to start full time cruising and sailing for warmer waters outside the U.S.


  • Perhaps we can buy matching used TDIs soon if you go with the classic Golf/Jetta platform MKV? MKVI?

    • Not sure if the seating firmness or position is all that much better in the V or VI (the reason I sold my old Jetta TDI if you recall – as well as the resale value) … but I know the Passat was pretty decent.

  • My next TDI purchase is postponed a bit, barring any unforeseen accidents in my current one. We were going to hand my Jetta down to our new driver, but when she kept having trouble with manual transmission, we decided to go with getting her a gas automatic Jetta. This also meant me keeping mine for a few more years.

    • Well you are getting to a point where a few expenses will take priority over a new car too. 😉 I don’t envy parents trying to figure out how to advise or help children when it comes to college … $$$.

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