Opened the pool this weekend … before the snow started

Posted By on March 24, 2013

opeingpool130323I took advantage of a nice Saturday afternoon to open the pool before the snow started on Sunday. I’m adding water at the moment and am watching the snow at the moment … maybe I should take a swim?
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I’ve finally got the hang of closing with the right chemistry which makes turning things on and cleaning up the dirty and 1000s of worms a little bit easier.  There have been years that it is not possible to see the bottom. So far it looks like “at least the pool” will look “ok”  for Katelyn and Drew’s wedding next month – April 13th is getting close! Speaking of the wedding, Drew and Katelyn were home for some early wedding photos and another meeting with Beth and Ryan. (Pastor)

Another iPhone panoramic photo (click for larger)


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