The Big Wedding: Introducing Katelyn and Drew Oostra

Posted By on April 14, 2013

KD_bwNoraIMG_0903RoseNoraIMG_0841The day was perfect for Katelyn and Drew’s wedding and the evening before was equally as nice for the rehearsal … and the most appreciated rehearsal dinner, hosted by the Oostra’s at Jags. I can’t speak highly enough of Barb and Randy … and Drew’s two brother’s Carson and TylerCarsonDrewTyler_WeddingPart (right); Katelyn is very blessed to have them as family.

The women (Brenda, Barb and Katelyn) planned a wonderful wedding along with a little help from their guys. Each of us was assigned a few tasks and rose to the occasion. Katelyn and Drew were very pleased and thankful for everything and everyone.


As a father, I couldn’t have been happier to walk my precious Katelyn down the aisle and have her exchange marriage vows with Drew. Their testimony and commitment to each other in front of family and friends was everything parents could ever ask from their children.


WeddingProgram_WeddingParty MadyEvanWagon_NoraIMG_0899 CarsonTaylorJessica_WeddingPartyApp 

Since the “professional photos” are not available yet, I’ll used the technology at hand to include a few photos from family and friends with smartphones who used the Wedding Party App, Facebook or shared their cloud-based photo albums with me (thanks Nora). The collection of candid photos are indeed a treat!

RandyOostra-Apr-12,-7-15-14 GirlsReceptionDinner-Apr-12


Tables_NoraIMG_0918 Cake_NoraIMG_0920 DrewKatelyn_NoraIMG_0985

 FatherDaughterDance_NoraIMG Mady_NoraIMG_0896

CrazyDancing_NoraIMG_1009 KDKiss130413 NoraKatelynIMG_1026


Oh and the wedding day would not have been complete without the helicopter “getaway!”


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