A few more updates on the 1982 Mercedes 300D

Posted By on May 21, 2013


mb300d_racesbearingLearning, learning, learning. After spending the weekend putting a few things back together on the old Mercedes Benz 300D Turbodiesel, after taking too much off,  it is back on the road again with four new rotors, brakes and both bearing and races pressed into the hubs. I’m waiting for a few new AC parts and have been reading about the hard shifting automatic transmission as well as playing with the “never before adjusted” ALDA setting after cleaning out the somewhat dirty (not too bad)  intake manifold banjo bolt. I might just remove the ALDA to see how much power/smoke I get?

It is possible that I have a transmission issue, but more than likely it might be a vacuum modulator valve adjustment comparing my symptoms with what I’ve read. We’ll see, but unfortunately there is multi-step approach to diagnosing and fixing this and according the the guru Kent Bergsma, it is not as simple as just “adjusting” or replacing a part.

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