Met up with a high school/college friend after 30+ years

Posted By on August 11, 2013

Thanks to Facebook, I had a chance to meet up with a friend from high school (and grad school) that I haven’t seen in 30+ years. We had a mutual love for facebookhischoolreunionphotography and both headed in different directions after school. She married and moved to Cincinnati and I married and started life in Cleveland. As most of us know, Facebook, like it or not, does a pretty good job of matching up similar data fields and then suggests friends from high school, colleges, cities you live in, etc. This past year Jacqui “friended” me and we reconnected since we now live in the same city … and because her Fred and I share the same German car interest – my recent old Mercedes really triggered the idea to connect. So Saturday night we planned a nice couples dinner out and we ended up having a great time closing down the restaurant (of course it was capped off with the guys looking at the Mercedes in a dark parking lot … which helped disguise the flaws).

The reconnection reminded me about what can happen in 30 years … or in the case of China, what happens in 25 years – SharedLINK. Actually it is a bit frightening to look at a photo I was just clearing off my phone after our flooded basement and one my sister-in-law sent (she was clearing her phone too – Point: 16GB iPhones are too small … Point 2: We’re getting too old!).



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