America’s Cup remains in the U.S. after an impressive comeback

Posted By on September 25, 2013

A shocker to be sure — I had given up on America’s Cup Team Oracle and declare New Zealand the sure winner a week ago. I was convince that after the first few races that the U.S. team was over matched and in an inferior boat; they just couldn’t keep up tack for tack. Oracle’s 72-foot catamaran had a serious problem when sailing upwind and New Zealand demonstrated a clear advantage by at least a knot and a half.

But, they didn’t give up and continued to make changes to their boat deep into the competition … and just as in business … Larry Ellison’s team, and deep pockets, found a way to make up the deficit. “It just doesn’t make sense they’re faster than us upwind, we finally broke the code.” Ellison commented. “You know what 8-to-1 is? 8-1 is motivated.”

Congratulations to Team Oracle for defending the Cup in an impressive comeback.


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