Enjoyed Monday Night Football on Slingplayer for iPad

Posted By on September 17, 2013

A little geeky for Monday Night Football, but I watched some of the Bengals vs Steelers game on my iPad2 while streaming from the Slingbox. Obviously a bigger high definition television, like the 51″ Plasma that Taylor and I looked at today, would be a better way to watch. (he is planning to buy a TV for his new apartment in North Dakota) The screen capture also gave me a chance to try the new PS Express for iOS (not sure I like it) and tweak both the color saturation and shrink the photo size.

Final score: Cincinnati Bengals 20 over the Pittsburgh Steelers 10. The Bengals win gives them needed momentum for the season and the Steelers loss a pitifully sad 0 and 2 start … like I’m crying about that. [grin]


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