Starting to think about Thanksgiving … without my kids

Posted By on November 27, 2013

Taylor131127_IMG_2324It’s almost time to call it a day and begin the long Thanksgiving weekend … well at least for some of us. I’m taking both Thursday and Friday off in order to stretch out the weekend even though Brenda will be working (such is life in medical and retail). We will both be enjoying time with our family for Thanksgiving although will be missing both kids. Still, each will celebrate in their own way … Katelyn making a meal for Drew when he gets off a long shift at the hospital (remaining ‘on call’) and Taylor taking the train from Williston ND to Minneapolis on an invite from his cousin Justin. Nice … although a 12 hour train trip? This morning he sent me his winter “bearded” photo wearing his new Williams County vest. He does look the “western frontier” part!


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