Joined a Kickstarter project called HeatWorks

Posted By on February 8, 2014

Monitoring Kickstarter projects is a great way to see just what entrepreneurs and inventors are coming up with … and to rejuvenate pride in American Exceptionalism. heatworksThe other day I saw a guys talking about Mobile Personal Theatre headphones  called Glyph on the business channel CNBC which was pretty neat. I’ve micro funded a few projects in the past and know several people who have enjoyed being on the ground floor with products like the Pebble (watch).

This week I joined a Kickstarter campaign for a new kind of instant water heater called HeatWorks Model 1 with the plan on getting on to test out on the boat. It is small, efficient and looks like it should be the perfect solution if it can withstand the nautical elements (and be plumbed to work). I’ll be anxious to watch the progress of the company and at this point wouldn’t mind being in on the ground floor as an investor either! Stay tuned.


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