Earhoox: A cure for loose fitting earbuds

Posted By on April 5, 2014

earhoox140404Although only one of my ears is truly working as it is suppose to due to Ménière’s disease back in the late 1990s, I still enjoy “an” earbud in order to listen to music, news or the occasional phone call on my iPhone.  Unfortunately the newer Apple earbuds do not fit my ears as well as traditional earbuds, so I’ve been looking for options. I tried the gel in the ear canal, but dislike and have even been know to stick a piece of tape on my ear. Then I saw these silicone “hooks” or should I say “hoox” mad by a small company called Earhoox.


Earhoox is giving away their product for a short time (for the cost of shipping) … so I bit and order a package. Wow, a great fit and a great product. Ingenuity like this is what American entrepreneurship is all about. If you wear earbuds and do anything active, I’m sure you will like them and they are definitely worth more than the $4.00 it cost for shipping.


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