Spring is here along with paleontology and brush clearing

Posted By on April 14, 2014

dinosaurbones brushclearing

I found some dinosaur bones while clearing brush on Saturday … as I joked on Facebook (photo above left). Actually it is probably a raccoon or possum 300 bush lifts logs crawfor1363033686and it is much better finding the fully decayed bones rather than gagging while having to bury the dead carcass!
Winking smile

It is amazing at just how invasive the Honeysuckles, Poison Ivy and wicked “rose-stem-like” vines are when they take over a woods or fence line. I could work every day and still have to start clearing all over again in another year. I’m feeling a real kinship with our “brush clearing” President George W. Bush. I do miss his integrity and down to earth personality. Maybe we’ll get a few of those attributes back with our next president?


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