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Chris (my “hard working” sister-in-law) and I spent a few more days in Jamestown, New York and stretched out a weekend to work on my in-law’s beloved “Farmhouse.” It looks like we are finally making headway in getting it ready to show … ready or not it will be on the market. I hope whoever is the new owner loves it as much as Mom and Dad Howard.

Besides the ongoing clearing out process, we worked on general cleanup inside and out. Another priority though was to meet and sign the contract with a realtor “if we felt comfortable” … we did … so it is for sale (contact us first if you are interested).

Farmhouse_ChrisBackpch140622 Farmhouse_FrontDoor140621

Click map for proposed 5-acre lot (red) – dozer house is nearly centered

One of the items on the  agenda was to walk a bit of the property line in order to section off a 5-acres parcel to sell with the farmhouse. The goal was to subdivide a parcel that would not negatively impact the Farmhouse or the rear acreage and gas well right-of-way. It looks like we have a plan.


Farmhouse_Wellcap140622 Farmhouse_BarnFordinside140 Farmhouse_cubbarninside1406
Wellcap reminder-to-self and inside the barn/garage – upstairs is heated workshop and storage

The weather was great and Chris and I had a good time working to get things ready to go. I spent most of my time in the barn clearing out all the equipment and tools so I could powerwash years of dirt on both the floors, block walls and equipment. We took a load to the dump burned an EPA-friendly bonfire in memory of DadH (he loved to burn … as do his daughters!)

Farmhouse_EnclosedPorch1406 Farmhouse_Dozerhouse140621 Farmhouse_InsideDozer140621
The two photos – above right – are of the “shed” called the “Dozer-house” (note map)

Click any photo for larger view versions.

HortonHill2004A couple of older “archived” aerial photos of the Horton Road Hill properties:

  1. Map from 2004 – image=>


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