The Third Stage of Terrorism may be at our doorstep

Posted By on January 11, 2015


This past week’s killings at the Charlie Hebdo offices needs to be a real eye-opener for those we elect to protect our citizens and nation. What many fear most is that this “radical Islamic terror attack” will be lost into the same hole as many of the previous terror attacks (or “workplace violence” if you are of the Obama mindset).richc_nytimes1_150110

What was different in the recent attack in Paris, is that the three four terrorists involved were radicalized and trained to efficiently target and kill. richc_nytimes2_150110Previous “gun oriented” attacks in the U.S. seemed to be less organized and more of the lone wolf style. The concern is that Al Qaeda and similar groups will build on this pattern as President Obama scales back the offensive War on Terror, closes Gitmo and reduces our intelligence gathering ability. We unfortunately sometimes need strong visuals in order to understand the enemy we face … and if beheadings do not do it for you, seeing cold blooded nature of their killings might – graphic video

Columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer laid out the 2015 landscape frighteningly clear when he referenced this as the “third stage of the jihadist war against us.”  We know what we face, but do we have the resolve to fight?

  Charles Krauthammer on FN Special Report (mp3) January 9, 2015


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