Long weekend trips for Taylor and Katelyn

Posted By on February 18, 2015


WYGasPrice185_150214Taylor and his friend Nick took advantage of a long weekend to take a trip from frozen North Dakota to Boulder, Colorado and Wyoming, just as they did over Thanksgiving. They skirted just east of the Rocky Mountains and had great weather. Since there were only two guys to split the gas this trip, I’m sure they appreciated the lower fuel prices – he sent me a $1.85 gasoline price in Wyoming – nice! For the most part the weather was clear and scenes beautiful, but there were patches of ice keeping drivers cautious.

TaylorIMG_4765s TaylorWalIMG_4766 

 Taylor_COWYTrip Taylor_COWYTrip150217s

Not to be outdone with having a good time, sister Katelyn met up with a few of her Columbus Nationwide Children’s Hospital friends from her residency for the weekend  in Chicago. Besides having a good time catching up on each of their personal and professional lives, they did some movie watching, eating out and shopping while in downtown Chicago. I’m glad to know they all enjoy staying in touch.



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